May 12, 2013

26 Lesson Learn for 26 years

1_Its not just go with the flow. It can't really work. You have to play 'tai ci' a bit in order to save your ass.
2_Rezeki dan dugaan datang dalam pelbagai bentuk. Its may not comes all in once but surely when its comes, its the best for us at that time being. And make the most of rezeki yang kita dapat dalam sesuatu masa. Semua kat dunia pinjaman, we may not get it again in the future.
3_Let go things you can't change. Let go people who clutter your head with negativity. Let go people who does not treat you the way you deserve.
4_For me in job its not just about the pay check...
5_Never be anyone shadow. Never!
6_There some people who always try to bring you down. Which mean they see something in you that you might not see. Always rise above them.
7_Life is everyday struggle to be better than yourself yesterday.
8_Social prestige is the last things i should care. Or i never give a damn. But still the bad side of yourlife just keep it on your mind. People good at judging instead feel sorry for your hardship.
9_Never give your all. All believe blindly. Always keep in mind trust is to be earn.
10_Settle things that clutter your head asap. Thought you suffer a bit.
11_To feel good is to look good.
12_Guna masa productive sebaik mungkin. Normally in the morning when your mind is still fresh. Takkan nak check email or main internet kot kan.
13_Secure what we have, instead of want for more.
14_Always be positive and confident
15_Jangan pernah berburuk sangka dengan nasib sendiri.
16_Bila kita bersyukur kita kena yakin tuhan akan makbul permintaan kita. Salah satu cara menunjukkan kita yakin, kita work towars apa yang kita doakan tu. Insyallah.
17_Orang yang tak cuba je tak gagal. Kalau gagal be proud of yourself. Atleast you have a gut to try!
18_Be honest with your life. Walaupun tak seindah hidup orang lain. How you know if they life in a lie or not? Wear your truth.
19_The best investment is to our health.
20_All bad things in life which we allowed it to happen we need to stop it to keep on happening. Yang diluar kemampuan kita. Itu dugaan. Redha dan terima seadanya.
21_Car can go anywhere with flat tyre. And bad attitude is a flat tyre!
22_Never ever ever talking bad about people we never want to ditch in our life.
23_Hargai orang sekeliling yang baik dengan kita sebaik mungkin.
24_Hargai orang yang bagi peluang. Never take things for granted.
25_Kita hanya hamba pada Tuhan not his creation or money.
26_Seteruk mana kita rasa iman kita never let pray and quran go. And keep in mind everyone have hardship in pleasant Allah. But they never give up. So does us!

You dont have to agree with me. What i learn is may be wrong to you. May be wrong to me tomorrow too. Hehehehe.. :)

Have a nice weekend!

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